Here's Everything You Should Know About Fly Pass

If you do not have to pay for airfare again, where will you take your next trip? For frequent travellers or travellers in general, the opportunity to fly several times by paying only once is a dream that is moving closer to reality as more and more airlines have started offering flying passes, allowing travellers to redeem flights at any time of the year.

Simply put, a fly pass allows you to access flights to certain locations for a single payment. If you are travelling for business, you may take advantage of the very generous packages that several Asian airlines, particularly Malaysia Airlines, provide on flight routes inside the ASEAN region.

Although buying a flight pass is more expensive than buying a single ticket, if you travel frequently during the year, it might be worthwhile to research the airlines and their programmes to guarantee you an unrestricted seat.

Here is one fly pass called MHflypass ASEAN, which people who often travel for business or who are planning a long-term trip can consider.

Know What MHflypass ASEAN is

With the MHflypass ASEAN, travellers can travel to ASEAN locations in Economy Class for three return flights (up from a maximum of six one-way trips). There exist three distinct sorts of passes, with each covering a different routing based on the designated zones. The pass' usage and departure date must occur within its 12-month validity term.

A fly pass gives the member the utmost in convenience and flexibility, with no blackout periods. It allows them to redeem flights at any time of year, including during peak travel times, provided there are still tickets available.

This MHflypass ASEAN is exclusively available to Enrich members. Non-Enrich members can sign up to become members by visiting Malaysia Airlines'official website and following a few simple steps, like:
  • Visit Enric
  • Register as an Enrich member
  • Go to the airlines ‘MyJournify’ marketplace and purchase the MHflypass ASEAN flight pass

Some Benefits of Having a Fly Pass

1. By using an exclusive Economy counter, you may check in more quickly and easily.

2. You and other Premium Economy passengers can board the aircraft first thanks to the pass.

3. You get priority luggage delivery upon arrival.

4. When you reserve a fly pass, you can choose a standard seat right away.

5. If you have the "Unlimited Go Show" option, you can board an earlier flight—this is only possible for flights that depart on the same day and is dependent on seat availability.

6. With the exception of any variation in ticket price, you are free to alter the date any number of times.

7. You receive an additional luggage allowance.

8. You will earn Enrich points.

9. You can get free meals, snacks, and drinks with an MHflypass ASEAN.

For one-way or return (point-to-point) travel, as well as for one-way or return flights where stopovers are expressly prohibited, MHflypass ASEAN is available. Bookings for multiple cities are not possible with this pass.

With one flight voucher for each flying sector, each MHflypass ASEAN comes with six flight coupons. A direct connecting flight counts as one flight voucher. 

The acquisition of MHflypass ASEAN will result in the awarding of Enrich points, contingent upon the cost of the transaction. There is one Enrich point for every Malaysian ringgit.

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