Contoh-Contoh Ayat Objektif Resume Mengikut Bidang Kerja

1. Customer Service

  • Passionate, engaging, and attentive customer service specialist trained in conflict resolution and communication. Seeking to leverage interpersonal skills to build customer loyalty for Center Cable System.

  • Dedicated customer service professional with 5 years experience in a fast-paced environment seeking an opportunity in a team-orientated company. Adept at handling a wide range of contact methods while accurately documenting customer issues and providing first class service with every interaction. Track record of quickly acquiring competency in all products and transactions while readily and positively adapting to change.

  • Actively seeking a customer service position where I can optimize my problem-solving and organizational skills to contribute to increased customer satisfaction. Strong multitasking skills and fast learning ability ensure quick contribution to your customer service team.

2. Administration and General Office Job
  • Experienced Administrator with excellent management and organization knowledge and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Interested in the position of Office Administrator, bringing knowledge in database management and office management to handle tactical day-to- day administrative matters.

  • Excellent time management skills with ability to multi-task while working within deadlines and time constraints. Looking to obtain the position of an Office Administrator to apply 5years of administrative experience to efficiently manage office procedures and inventory.

  • Organized and self-motivated individual with leadership experience and ability to work independently. Looking to obtain the position of an Office Administrator at XYZ Inc. Offering experience in Budgeting, HR software and 3years administrative assistant experience.

  • Seeking for the position of an Office Administrator, to utilize my honed skills in Management, strong organization skills, excellent interpersonal relationship skills, and 3years experience working as Admin Officer.
3. Receptionist 
  • Seeking position of receptionist at Charles Books Store, bringing firm education and experience communicating with higher management, supervisors, and peers.

  • To work as a receptionist in Lamar’s, bringing 5 years experience handling sensitive information; possess time management skills, ability to interact effectively with people and work in a clear and concise manner.

4. Accounting/Finance

  • Seeking a position in the accounting field where excellent analytical and technical skills can be utilized to improve the company's profitability.

  • A position in data entry and/or accounting where skills in spreadsheet development and troubleshooting can improve efficiency and enhance profitability.

  • (Student/Entry Level) A position in the field of accounting leading to managerial responsibilities

5. Computer Technology
  • (Student/Entry Level) A Programmer/Analyst position which will provide me with the opportunity to develop skills in software design.

  • Seeking a design engineer position with emphasis on solid modeling.

  • Seeking a position which will allow me to utilize my network administrator skills in a NT/Novell environment interoperating with WAN/LAN connectivity
6. Education
  • Seeking a position as a(n) (English) Teacher at the Secondary School level.

  • To obtain a position as an Elementary School Teacher in which a strong dedication to the total development of children and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized

7. Human Resources
  • Seeking a Human Resources Management position where my professional experience and education will allow me to make an immediate contribution as an integral part of a progressive company.

  • A position in Personnel or Human Resources Management which will require me to apply my business experience and education to assist the company in the accomplishment of its goals.

  • A position in the Human Resources field where I can utilize proven people-oriented skills to develop and promote a positive work environment

8. Sales / Sales Assistant 
  • (Student/Entry Level) - Sales position where I can utilize my retail sales, cash management, and supervisory skills.

  • (Student/Entry Level) - A position as a sales management trainee. Seeking a sales (manager) position with an organization where I will be able to utilize my ability to stimulate and motivate a productive sales force to maximize the company’s sales objectives.

  • A sales position in which I can make a significant contribution to an employer through an increase in sales volume and profit.

  • To obtain a sales manager position where I can fully utilize my outside sales experience, marketing knowledge, corporate training and sales management skills to increase profits and bolster growth.

  • Seeking a sales position that will utilize my diverse experience to positively impact company profitability.

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