[ Healthy Mindset ] Created A Space For Myself

I have never been this friendly enough to be loved or liked by everyone, but I know I have been trying to create spaces for some people. I'm to reserved to initiate a conversation, but I know I have been so well in silence. I observe a lot and I appreciate so many small things or details around. I vividly remember things that catch my attention. I always love to talk, swear but only with the things that open me to profound perspectives. I love deep talks. I listen, I always listen, I'm trying to look at someone's eyes while he speaks for I know, emotions are there and I could tell. 

I may not be a very open person but I know, I'm trying my best to make everyones feel appreciated. But, most often, people misunderstood my intention and I'm training myself to embrace whatever that is. I don't have to prove everything to them. 

I have reserved and created a space for myself only a few have visited. But, once you earned my trust, I let you dwell for some time - you will understand who and what I really am.

- Jaeka

 Illustration by gunsellicepici via IG


Credit to : Tainted Lines

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