Live Your Life With Those Who Appreciate You.

"You are not responsible for how people think of you or how you are percieved. You can not live your life trying to prove that you are good, worthy, valuable or deserving of anything that is good.

The only thing that you are responsible for you is intentions and actions, so stop being apologetic about how happy or sad you are, stop convincing them that your trauma is as valid as theirs, that your problems are as hard as theirs and that you too have a lot on your plate already.

Stop being apologetic about the good things that happen to you, about the time you got lucky, about why you were chosen as the best in something or why your partner loves you. 

Live your life with those who appreciate you, who understand you, who don't compare their lives to yours and most importantly who help you shine instead of trying to diminish your light."

Rim Berriche

Artwork by: pejin's art


I'm In The Process Of Creating Myself  

       Appreciate The Silent & Peace

Credit to : Minerva

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