You're Doing Great!

"We often push ourselves harder because of what other people say about our progress. That we should be something, achieve something, have something at a certain age. This or that, anything that expected because our friends, batchmates, or of same age already have. But, I want to remind you that your growth is incomparable. 

People have their own path, own progress, own decisions, own way, own opportunities - We're different to each other, yet we are all special, beautiful, worthy, enough, and progressive. Each of us is much more than what we thought we are.

Maybe you can't see your growth as of the moment, you may be little yourself, or you may compare yourself to other people. 

but please know that you are doing great."


Artwork by: pngtree

BACA JUGA : I'm So Proud Of Myself

Credit to : Minerva