Monopoly Go Free Dice Links (October 2023)

In Monopoly GO!, you need dice to figure out how far you can go on the board. You start with a set number of dice, but you can get more by buying them from the App Store or Google Play. 

And sometimes, you might just luck out and score some bonus Monopoly GO dice rolls for free!

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links (October 2023)

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links (October 2023)

How to Get Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO

If you wanna score some free dice rolls in Monopoly GO! You're in luck! There are four cool ways to getting free dice : 

1. Check Facebook: Keep an eye on the Monopoly GO Facebook page. Sometimes, the game developers drop links for free dice rolls there. So, make sure you check that page often for updates.

2. Hit Up Reddit: The Monopoly GO community on Reddit, specifically the r/Monopoly_GO subreddit, is a goldmine for freebies. Sort the posts by "Top past week" and click on those shared links. Sometimes you can scored nearly 200 free rolls doing just that!

3. Join the Discord Party: There's this unofficial but super useful Discord server called "MONOPOLY GO FREE DICE & STICKERS." They're on the ball about posting alerts whenever free dice rolls pop up. Just a heads up, though: be cautious about clicking on links sent via private message; stick to the ones in the free dice rolls channel.

4. Server Hiccups: Since Monopoly GO is always online, hiccups like server outages and bugs are bound to happen. The good news? The developers are pretty cool about making it up to you. So, don't be surprised if you log in and find some free dice rolls waiting for you as compensation.

Easy peasy, right? Go roll the dice and conquer the Monopoly world!

Why Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Link Working?

If you're having trouble with that Monopoly GO free dice rolls link, don't sweat it. There are a few reasons why it might not be doing its thing:

1. The link has expired: Sometimes these links have a shelf life, like a coupon. So, if you click it and see a message saying, "SORRY. This reward has already been claimed," that's probably what's up. It's like trying to use an old coupon at the store – no dice!

2. You're not on an iOS or Android device: These free dice roll links are a bit picky. They only work if you're using an iOS or Android device with Monopoly GO installed. If you're on a PC, well, it's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – not gonna happen.

3. The link might be fake: Be wary of sketchy links, my friend. If it's a fake or a phishing scam, it's not gonna lead you to free dice rolls. So, always make sure a link is legit before you click on it. Don't want to fall for any Monopoly tricks!

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