J-Pop Sensation Yoasobi Reflects on Global Triumphs and Expresses Gratitude to Singapore Fans

Doubts Dispelled as Yoasobi's Concert in Singapore Sells Out Amidst Global Success

Image source : https://www.timeout.com/singapore/culture

Singapore, January 15, 2024 – Japanese pop superduo Yoasobi, riding the waves of unprecedented success in 2023, addressed the media at a press conference held on January 12 at the Pullman Singapore Hill Street hotel. 

The duo, comprising composer Ayase and vocalist Ikura, shared their thoughts on their breakout year, doubts about their international popularity, and the overwhelming response from their Singaporean fan base.

Yoasobi's concert in Singapore, which immediately sold out after tickets were released, marked a pivotal moment for the duo. Ayase admitted to initial skepticism about the presence of fans in Singapore, stating, "There are often fans leaving comments on social media and asking us to come to Singapore. I was skeptical. I thought: 'Are there really fans here?'" However, his doubts were dispelled when they witnessed the enthusiastic 5,500-strong crowd at Resorts World Sentosa.

The duo's song "Idol," the opening theme for the anime series Oshi No Ko, not only topped Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 for a historic 21 consecutive weeks but also ignited a viral dance challenge on TikTok. 

Yoasobi's global impact was further highlighted as "Idol" secured the seventh spot on Apple Music's most-streamed songs worldwide in 2023.

2023 also marked Yoasobi's first Asia tour, with performances in Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Taipei, and the recently concluded sold-out show in Singapore. Despite the pandemic affecting live performances, the duo's popularity soared, evident in their inclusion on Spotify’s list of most-streamed Japanese artistes outside Japan in 2023.

Reflecting on their meteoric rise since their debut in December 2019, vocalist Ikura, who also performs solo as Lilas Ikuta, shared insights into the challenges of adapting to newfound fame during the pandemic. "It was only in the last two years when we began performing live and traveling overseas for shows, or seeing people approach me on the streets, seeing our songs break into global music charts, that things started to feel real," she said.

Composer Ayase expressed hope for continued success, emphasizing that their achievements are part of an ongoing progression. He stated, "We’re always progressing, and the more we do, the more there is to accomplish, and there are always new things and new obstacles to overcome."

As fans in Singapore expressed disappointment over not securing tickets for Yoasobi's one-night-only show, Ayase extended gratitude and a promise to return, saying, "Please keep listening to us, and hopefully we can return and perform in an even larger venue next time."

Yoasobi's journey continues to captivate global audiences, and their story serves as an inspiration in the ever-evolving landscape of J-pop success.

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