The Perfect Career Path to Becoming a Video Editor

Videos and video-based solutions for commercial purposes have surged in recent times. While people think that making online videos alone is the only prospect of being a video editor, there are lots to it.

Of course, video-based marketing content has evolved over the past 24 months. Especially with digital marketing going strong, the need for a good online video editor is of prime importance for organizations. 

Building a career around this is indeed lucrative, and there can be no hesitation in taking this as your full-time profession as well.

This article shall give you clear insights about
  1. Steps to Become a Video Editor
  2. The Career Opportunities for a Video Editor

Let us see the ways to make videos online and become professional video editors.

Who is a Video Editor?

A video editor is a person who puts bits and pieces of video clips and images together in a sequence and makes a motion picture out of it. Of course, the need for video editing tool is significant, but the idea, thought process, and execution plan all come under a video editor's job profile.

One can be an individual contributor as a freelancer or a consultant. At the same time, working full time on it within a team is on the cards too. Nevertheless, the video editor is a person who is the pivot behind any online media or a mass media success.

Steps to Become A professional Online Video Editor

Online video editing has become a job of high profile in recent times. The blend of creative thought processes and fast execution process leads you to be an excellent video editor. There are no hard and fast rules to follow the steps below; you can either do it simultaneously or skip them based on the circumstances.

Get Trained:

Though this profession does not require any professional degree, getting hands-on experience on the tools is essential for becoming a professional video editor. You must take a step-by-step approach in training yourself as a video editor.

  • Choose a Perfect tool for Video Editing:
There is numerous tool available in the market. They are all equally feature-rich, and choosing one among them can be a challenge. Yet, you can select free video editing platform like InVideo, which is beginner-friendly too. You can create videos in less than 5 minutes. The 2500+ templates you find on the platform come in handy as you start making videos. Choose 2 to 3 tool, use them, and select the one that suits your editing style.

  • Please go through the Tutorials:
Most of the video editing tool has tutorials present on their website. If you cannot find them, YouTube shall have online tutorials. Attend the sessions and learn the art of video editing. Get experience in handling the tool. Attempt making 2 to 3 videos and see the difference from the time you had started and how you have fared right now. Also, compare your work with the tutorial experts' work too.

Career Opportunities for a Video Editor

As a video editor, you can swim through the ocean of opportunities. There are several job profiles and career opportunities available right now. By far, this shall remain the same as any denomination further to these roles shall fall under these categories.
  1. Movie Editor: This is a profession with the movies. As a movie editor, you get to make full-length movies and the director team and music composers.
  2. TV Studio Editor: This profession largely depends on real-time video editing factors. Mix and match between the shows and clips to display between the Ads all come under this profession.
  3. Online Video Editor: The person creates videos using the tool and publishes the same on the public online platforms for marketing purposes.

There are other roles like animators, colorists as well as event video editors. All the jobs have the same responsibilities, but the tool used shall be different from one another. As you go through the next column, you will understand the need for choosing your niche. That is the time you start selecting the tool to use as well.

Start Taking Freelance Projects:

This is a critical part of your career as a professional video editor. You can start hunting for jobs that require video editing. Many digital marketing companies in the country are looking for remote workers and freelancers too. Join and gain experience from them. Remember, pay does not matter at this juncture. You must get immense experience to be the best in the field. You may attempt to join more than one company to get frequent assignments.

Select the Niche:
As you work with different companies, you will know your expert areas. It can be an animation expert or a video editor who can create videos in a snap. You must determine your specialty and start working in such environments.

Join as an Assistant:
This is the most important aspect of you becoming a video editor in the field of Movies and TV studios. Attempt for full-time jobs in premium TV studios. Join as an intern and work under an expert. It shall give you a lot of exposure in this field. Being a video editor is on the one side, adapting to the work environment is on the other side.

As you do this for a while, you will get opportunities to work on prime projects. You must be patient in getting such assignments, though. But it pays well. Being an online editor makes you a versatile professional. You can still choose to be a consultant and work for multiple organizations too. It is always the passion that drives. Also, remember, you must constantly upgrade your skill sets.

The Bottom Line

Now that various platforms are available to edit the videos, the winning edge shall visually bring out creative ideas. Also, coming up with unique themes and working around them can make you an ace professional in this field.

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